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Autologous Fat Transfer Device

Wed, 09/13/2006 - 12:33pm

Shippert Medical would like to introduce the newest technology in - The Tissu-Trans™ is an Autologous Fat Transfer device that could revolutionize cosmetic filler procedures. The Tissu-Trans allows the physician to harvest, filter, irrigate, treat with an additive, and re-inject fat all from the same syringe. The inner 10cc syringe of the Tissu-Trans is replaceable, which allows the physician to harvest and re-inject any amount of fat that is necessary. New Fall 2006: Large volume fat transfer with the Tissu-Trans 60cc, 120cc and 180cc units. For the physician who is doing full body work and large volume fat transfers, the new Tissu-Trans 60cc + models are the perfect solution to the current messy, time-consuming methods.


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