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Suture Shuttling Device

Mon, 12/18/2006 - 10:57am


The CHIA PERCPASSER™ suture shuttling device is a 19-inch long instrument made out of braided nitinol wire with a kite (loop) on one end. It is introduced percutaneously, kite end first, through an 18g spinal needle in the desired location. The spinal needle is then removed and the kite end of the device is retrieved with a grasper through the appropriate cannula. The suture is placed through the kite end of the CHIA PERCPASSER and withdrawn percutaneously. The suture is then removed from device and stored percutaneously. The percutaneous organization provides both external and internal visual confirmation of sutures being managed arthroscopically. This methodical, minimally invasive suture management can address a variety of surgical repairs including rotator cuff, shoulder instability and meniscal repairs.


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