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Surgical Drapes from Cardinal Health

Wed, 04/25/2007 - 6:40am

Cardinal Health offers an impressive surgical drape portfolio that extends across all surgical specialties, including a specialized line of premium orthopedic drapes with enhanced strength properties. The drapes are available with a variety of innovative options including cord control features, fluid control pouches, instrument pouches and reinforcements specific to a variety of surgical procedures. All of the drapes are disposable and designed for single-use only.

According to the CDC’s 1999 Guidelines for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection, surgical drapes should be impervious to both blood and viral penetration. As a result, most standard surgical drapes feature an impervious reinforcement immediately surrounding the incision site. Cardinal’s Tiburon® Surgical Drapes go a step farther. They are made with a composite material that extends that same level of impervious protection throughout the entire drape. While most surgical drapes meet AAMI Level 4 requirements because they are impervious within the critical zone, being fully impervious, Tiburon meets AAMI Level 4 requirements throughout the entire drape, not just within the critical zone. The benefit of a fully impervious drape fabric is the elimination of the risk of strikethrough occurring.

The Tiburon drape is also absorbent for enhanced fluid control. This added absorbency improves control and containment of fluids that would typically either pool on the drape or run off onto the floor. In addition, Tiburon is made of synthetic materials that are very low-linting as well as flame-resistant and will melt away versus ignite when in contact with a heat source.


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