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Anti-Fog Scope Protector

Fri, 07/13/2007 - 7:41am

DHELP™, short for Defogging Heated Endoscopic Lens Protector, is a disposable multifunctional device for laparoscopy. DHELP heats an internal reservoir of anti-fog solution for the duration of the procedure, combining heat and anti-fog solution to resolve the fogging problem. The device contains a True-White™ white-balancing target at the base of the reservoir, allowing surgeons to white balance perfectly every time. DHELP also secures the scope to the drapes, eliminating the fire hazard and protecting the distal lens. It has a microfiber surface for cleaning the lens and it comes packaged with two MicroPads™ microfiber sponges designed specifically for laparoscopic procedures.

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