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Safe & Effective Patient Positioning From STERIS Corporation

Mon, 01/14/2008 - 5:29am


Safety and Optimal Access Combined

The Allen-Turner Booted Cane (ABC) Stirrup™ is a revolutionary hybrid stirrup design that combines the optimal surgical site exposure of a candy-cane stirrup with the legendary safety of a booted stirrup. Traditional candy-cane stirrups are often preferred for high lithotomy posturing since they permit multiple team members to work comfortably in the surgical field. Unfortunately, they can also allow extreme abduction or hyperextension of the knee as well as hyper-rotation of the hip, which can result in patient injury. Conversely, traditional booted stirrups are preferred for most lithotomy postures as they can provide safe, secure lower extremity alignment. However, when booted stirrups are used in high lithotomy procedures, the straight stirrup rod interferes with surgical site access. The ABC Stirrup combines the best features of these two surgical accessories to provide safe patient posturing while permitting comfortable, ergonomic surgical site access for multiple team members.
Safe Trendelenburg positioning

The weight of the patient against the support posts of traditional Trendelenburg shoulder braces creates a funneling effect that can distort the shoulder position, threaten compression of the subclavian vessels and brachial plexus, and cause patient injury. The TrenStop™ Patient Trendelenburg Restraint virtually eliminates the threat of compression of subclavian vessels and the brachial plexus. This advanced patient support device provides the highest level of patient safety because it virtually eliminates the funneling effect by combining self adjusting shoulder wings with a unique cervical notch pad that supports the cervical spine. The TrenStop Patient Trendelenburg Restraint is recommended for use with all surgical tables.

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