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Foley Catheter Holder

Mon, 07/14/2008 - 8:15am


The Dale Foley Catheter Holder features a soft, two-inch wide leg band that can be rotated from leg-to-leg and has a green Velcro® locking device to anchor the catheter using two interlocking tabs. Eliminating the need for shaving the patient and using adhesive tape products, this patented, latex-free holder prevents skin irritation and is easier for clinicians to use. Designed to secure the catheter anywhere along the tube or at the “Y” port, the catheter holder minimizes catheter movement, stops meatal irritation, is simple to rotate and meets WOCN guidelines. The soft holder maintains its position on the leg, stretches without narrowing to avoid the tourniquet effect and one size fits most adults and children.

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