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The Iron Intern® from Automated Medical Products Corp.

Tue, 12/16/2008 - 9:36am
Automated Medical Products Corp. has been serving surgical world with the highest Swiss quality and precision for over 30 years, meeting the highest customer standards and keeping up with the newest scientific and technology design demanded by surgeons. Well known in surgical world, Automated Medical Product's instruments never fail the hospital staff and are easy to use and sterilize. The company's innovative systems are well known and used world wide. Automated Medical Product's flagship medical device, The Iron Intern®, is a single or double arm retractor holder that can be used in General, Bariatric and Transplant Surgery. This retractor holder is used to hold open and minimally invasive surgery instruments such as Nathanson Hooks Liver Retractor, Pediatric Liver Retractors, grippers, graspers, suturing devices, ports and cameras. The Iron Intern® locks in place and will not move, remaining steady and providing constant exposure, even after many operating hours. It delivers total maneuverability of retractors through a full range of motion, thanks to a design that mimics the human arm.

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