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Guide System for Hip Arthroscopy

Fri, 01/23/2009 - 7:56am


The CROSSTRAC™ Hip Guide System enables surgeons to accurately establish pathways to diagnose and repair the hip joint arthroscopically. The hip joint is difficult to access, and to arthroscopically diagnose and repair damage to the joint the surgeon must create portals through the dense tissue surrounding the hip, while avoiding critical structures such as nerves and arteries. The CROSSTRAC Hip Guide ensures reliable, predictable portal placement on the first attempt. Guided by an x-ray, the surgeon establishes the first portal and inserts an arthroscope. With that portal in place, the CROSSTRAC Hip Guide is attached to the arthroscope and enables the surgeon to establish secondary portals in the appropriate place. The arthroscope enables the surgeon to see where the additional portals would penetrate the hip capsule before the penetration occurs.

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