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Thermal Plastics for Molded Cable Assemblies

Tue, 03/17/2009 - 11:19am


Bioconnect uses Santoprene as a primary molding material and outer insulation material in all of their standard ECG products. Santoprene is a thermal plastic compound that is processed in much the same way as any type of plastic. The difference is that Santoprene possesses the same levels of flexibility and durability that are commonly found with natural rubber compounds. Santoprene is latex free and hypoallergenic to patients. It has a very soft, yet supple feel, resulting in a pleasant contact with the skin. It is abrasion resistant and does not get slippery when exposed to many fluids. Santoprene is also impervious to most solvents that would be commonly used in the hospital, clinic, and emergency medicine environments.

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