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"Artery-Friendly" Closure

Thu, 07/23/2009 - 8:16am


AccessClosure introduces the newest addition to the Mynx® Vascular Closure family, the Mynx M5. The M5 is a closure device that can be delivered directly through a small 5 French (5F) cardiovascular sheath without enlarging the arterial hole or traumatizing the surrounding tissue in the process. This "artery-friendly" approach also benefits hospitals as the M5 eliminates the need for a sheath exchange, which saves procedure time and expense. Additional features include:

  • Diagnostic coronary and peripheral catheterization applications. 
  • Minimized discomfort due to its unique deployment method and sealant material.  
  • Use of a soft, bio-absorbable polymer material called polyethylene glycol (PEG), which has been used safely for over a decade in a wide range of medical products such as gel caps and eye drops.
  • The ability for the sealant to be placed gently over the arterial puncture area during the procedure and immediately expand 3 to 4 times its original size by rapidly absorbing blood around the puncture site, which immediately stops the bleeding and seals the artery. 
  • The ability for the sealant to dissolve naturally within 30 days, leaving nothing behind inside, or on top of, the artery.


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