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Cord Companion™ Duo

Thu, 09/23/2010 - 12:34pm


Progressive Dynamic Medical's
two-part device manages and routes necessary cords, cables, and tubing crossings lying near the surgical site. The T-channel box construction of the Cord Companion accepts cables running in several orientations and organizes and directs them away from the incision area. The unit's integrated hinged cover snaps in place to fully enclose the cords, resulting in a more organized surgical site. The second portion of the Cord Companion® Duo, named the PDM Instrument Holder, provides additional flexibility at the surgical site. Flexible fingers built into the holder give surgeons a temporary holding area for instruments during a procedure, and surgical staff a means to further restrain and control cables and cords. This also generates tremendous cost savings for the hospital by eliminating the risk of instruments falling out of the sterile field. Both the devices feature an adhesive strip to firmly adhere to the surgical drape. Once surgery is completed, cords and cables can be left in place secured by the Cord Companion, and the surgical drape can be removed and placed on a separate table. As a result, the patient can be moved out of the operating theater sooner and disassembly of tubes and cables becomes easier. The Cord Companion and PDM Instrument Holder are provided fully sterilized and are fully recyclable to help meet sustainability standards.

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