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IV Clear

Mon, 01/14/2013 - 10:02am
Covalon Technologies

Covalon Technologies Ltd. announced the IV Clear, an antimicrobial silicone adhesive film dressing designed for securing vascular intravenous access devices. It offers the comfort of skin-friendly silicone adhesive technology with the advanced antimicrobial protection of two gold-standard antimicrobial agents – chlorhexidine and silver. IV Clear has uniquely bonded the two antimicrobials into the actual adhesive of the soft and non-sensitizing silicone that allows the clear film dressing to comfortably secure vascular access devices to the skin while providing antimicrobial protection for up to seven days. IV Clear is breathable, unlike most other silicone dressings. Patients are able to bathe while wearing the waterproof silicone IV Clear dressing. All the current leading suppliers of vascular access securement dressings use acrylic adhesives instead of the much superior and more skin-comfortable silicone. Studies have shown that IV Clear is up to ten times less painful on removal than leading film dressings that use acrylic adhesives.

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