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Medical Tray Sealer With All-Electric Press

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 9:21am
Atlas Vac Machine

Atlas Vac Machine, LLC unveils the industry’s first medical tray sealer with an all-electric press. This new model, which is available with single or dual shuttle configurations, features a servo drive system to apply, measure, and control direct force output far more accurately and with greater repeatability than standard pneumatic versions, which control air pressure and attempt to equate it to downward force.  The resulting down-force “signature curve” reaches full down-force application quickly and is held extremely constant throughout the entire dwell time setting.  Now packaging engineers can match the accuracy of dwell time and temperature controls with a down-force result unparalleled by other systems. In addition, higher forces are attainable with new servo-driven models allowing more sealing tool nest area to be utilized per stroke. 

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