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Monitoring Temperature

Fri, 01/18/2013 - 9:45am
Healthmark Industries


Healthmark Industries offers two new products sold separately. One that monitors the temperature of reprocessing baths; and the other that monitors the ambient temperature and humidity of critical environments such as decontam, sterile storage, procedure rooms, and others. The TEMP-WiFi-TP sensor measures the temperature of the environment in which the probe is situated. Data is transmitted wirelessly via a WiFi network to a PC and viewed using the included software. With this tool, staff can monitor the temperature of cleaning baths and liquid disinfectants in real time by viewing the large, easy to read display. Meanwhile, department management can record, track and document the temperature of these baths from their desktop PC. Ensure compliance with manufacturer IFU’s and be able to prove it with simple to produce reports and graphs. The TEMP-WiFI-TH is a device that measures the temperature and humidity of an environment in which it is situated and transmits data to a PC via a WiFi network. The data logging sensor helps to configure and send a stream of data at regular intervals to your computer. This tool makes monitoring data in other locations simple and convenient. Both TEMP-WiFi sensors are managed by the same easy to use desktop software.

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