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2014 ESP Award Submission: TRU-D SmartUVC

Wed, 06/11/2014 - 10:43am
Tru-D SmartUVC

The following product is a submission for the 2014 Excellence In Surgical Products Awards.

TRU-D SmartUVC is a portable UV disinfection system that precisely measures reflected UVC emissions to automatically calculate the pathogen-lethal UV dose required to sterilize patient rooms, dynamically compensating for room size, shape, and other dose-altering variables such as the position of contents, windows, blinds, and doors. TRU-D SmartUVC collects and reports all real-time infection prevention data gathered by its Sensor360T technology into a web-based portal system, iTRU-D.TRU-D SmartUVC is the only proven UV disinfection robot that can achieve and report 100 percent disinfection of all high-touch surfaces with only one position required.

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