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RealTcut Offers Advanced Materials For Surgical Training

Fri, 06/27/2014 - 11:38am


A new research objective from European Research Council (ERC) fellow Stéphane Bordas, a Professor of Computational Mechanics, could offer another virtual training option for surgeons. Bordas, along with collaborators at Cardiff University in the UK, was awarded a grant for the project. Bordas’ long-term aim is to develop real-time simulators tol help train surgeons and enhance surgical planning. By constructing virtual, ‘in silico’ replicas of the patients, such tools have the potential to reduce errors and post-operative complications and could eventually lead to robot-assisted and robot-led surgery.

The project is entitled “RealTcut” (reality cut) and was born from the realization of similarities between the structure of soft human tissue and that of advanced engineering materials such as those developed for the aerospace industry. The main challenge of the research is to enable both realistic and real-time simulation of phenomena such as cutting in soft tissue. Bordas is hopeful that this research project, which runs until 2017 and has already led to the first real-time error controlled simulator of cutting in soft tissue, will bring substantial fundamental advances as well as medical and industrial benefits.

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