Footwear can be Sterilized

The limited edition Calzuro Fluo shoes have the unique ability to be decontaminated by sterilization in the autoclave or disinfected with bleach.

Bab Half Wellington Boot

The Italian-made Calzuro Bab Half Wellington Boot offers certified protection against contamination for surgical team members.

Apparel Offers Warmth in the OR


Unisex fitted thermal V-neck undershirt designed to keep your body warm and help your skin stay dry with maximum mobility and comfort.

Lighting / OR Visualization / Diagnostics

Ultrasound System Available at Point-of-Care

Siemens Medical Solutions

The ACUSON P500™ ultrasound system is engineered to scale a wide range of environments and patient types.

Flexible, Lighted Magnifier

Healthmark Industries Company, Inc.

Healthmark Industries has the announced the addition of the DeskBrite 200 Magnifier Desk Lamp to their optical inspection products. 

Don't Compromise Patient Access for Technology

Philips Medical Systems, N.A.

FlexMove frees up valuable floor space and can move anywhere around the table without compromising patient access.

OR Equipment / Accessories

Nuitiv Clear Needle-free Connector

Nuitiv is a neutral displacement I.V. connector that seamlessly integrates with infusion therapy protocols to reduce infection risk.

Seals Designed to Protect IV Bags, Vial, Syringes

Steri-Tamp seals were specifically designed to protect IV bags, vials and syringes from tampering and contamination.

Cabinets Feature Bacteria-Resistant Surfaces

Solaire Medical's AireCore is a dent- and scratch-resistant composite material that delivers the same toughness and durability of metal. 


Multi-Purpose Scale Offers Space-Saving Design

The new SR7010i is a multi-purpose scale that provides advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use, space-saving wall mount design. 

ArmGuard™ Patient Arm Protector

ArmGuard aims to safely eliminate arm tucking in meshing with AORN guidelines.


Single-Use Mask Offers Airway Management Option

Teleflex Medical

With a 100 percent silicone cuff and airway tube, the LMA Protector Airway is designed for easy, rapid insertion and a secure fit.

Stylets/Introducers/Tube Exchangers & Intubation Catheter

VBM Medical, Inc.
malleable (maintains curvature, inner rod made of metal) - new flexible pre-formed soft tip (atraumatic to the tracheal mucosa) - core made of metal, malleable (maintains curvature) - graduation marks

Pressure Infusion Bag

VBM Medical, Inc.
Reusable Pressure Infusion Cuff: with Hand Inflator & Robust Shock Resistant, Overpressure Proved Precision German Manometer.


Esophageal Cooling Device

Advanced Cooling Therapy’s first product, the Esophageal Cooling Device (ECD), is showing benefits in the conduction of heat for warming of patients in a controlled manner in new clinical settings.

Bair Paws Make Patient Warming Versatile

3M Health Care

The 3M Bair Paws flex gown adds a new dimension to patient warming – versatility.

Quicktrach II with cuff

VBM Medical, Inc.
Emergency Cricothyrotomy Device ( One-Step Procedure ) The Quickest & Simplest without scalpel, dilators or jet ventilator.


Plume-Away Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System

The Plume-Away® multistage filter is a passive, disposable system able to clear particulates, smoke, and aerosolized pathogens while simultaneously absorbing odors and chemical toxins in laparoscopic procedures.

ESP Award Nominee: I.C. Medical’s PenEvac1

I.C. Medical’s PenEvac1 was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

ESP Award Nominee: Nascent Surgical, LLC’s miniSquair

Nascent Surgical, LLC’s miniSquair was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.


Cabinet Accommodates Extended-Length Scopes

Innerspace Corp.

InnerSpace’s 4000 Series Enteroscope Cabinet is designed to accommodate extended-length enteroscopes.

Niagara SI PCF

Medisafe America

The Niagara SI PCF is a high capacity WD system that has a built in ultrasonic chamber for Sonic Irrigation cleaning.

Biological Indicators Offer Results in 30 Minutes

3M Health Care

The indicators use an enzyme present within the organism, generated during spore activation and outgrowth, to provide results in an actionable timeframe.


Web-Based Platform Offers Implant Tracking

Surgery Exchange's HIPAA-compliant, web-based platform streamlines implant surgeries. 

LiveData OR-Schedule Board

LiveData OR-Schedule Board OR-Schedule Board is a  real-time view of the day’s surgical caseload.


ASCpro is a suite of modules that automates compliance, bringing increased efficiency and savings to surgery centers and hospitals.


ESP Award Nominee: Medisafe’s Distal Tip Soakers

Medisafe’s Distal Tip Soakers were nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

ESP Award Nominee: Ethicon’s EVICEL Airless Spray Accessory

Ethicon Inc.

Ethicon’s EVICEL Airless Spray Accessory was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

ESP Award Nominee: OBP Medical’s CLEAR-TRAC

Obp Medical

OBP Medical’s CLEAR-TRAC was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.


4K Displays Offer Built-to-Last Quality

FSN's 4K resolution displays in 31.5 inch and 55 inch diagonal sizes can handle tasks in the OR environment.

Camera, Light Combination Offers Visualization Option

The micro ScoutCam™ 6.5 Lum is a sleek, hi-tech micro camera that draws on the sophisticated technology

ESP Award Nominee: NOVA Surgical Light Source

NOVA Surgical Light Source was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.


2014 ESP Award Submission: Bytec Geni-Tec Monitor Stand

Surgimed Solutions offers their Bytec Geni-Tec battery operated monitor stand, which provides a wireless platform for all wireless video technologies in the OR.

Blood Pressure Cuffs

SunTech Medical offers a complete line of blood pressure cuffs. The economical one-piece durable blood pressure cuff is made of high quality nylon for easy cleaning and extended use. The disposable blood pressure cuff features a dedicated patient identification line to promote single patient use.

DST400 Industrial Thermocouple Thermometer

Wahl Instruments, Inc. announces the addition of the new DST400 Industrial Thermocouple thermometer to its line of Digi-Stem digital thermometers. Featuring the rugged and reliable construction the Digi-Stem is known for, the vibration resistant DST400 is compatible with five different thermocouple types.


KleenSpec Single Use LED Specula

Welch Allyn

The single use LED speculum, designed for hospital emergency departments, labor and delivery rooms, urgent care centers, ambulatory care surgery centers, clinics and treatment centers, features an integrated LED light source that provides enhanced visualization of the exam area by supplying uniform white light through the handle—safely sealed away from the patient.


The SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system is a FDA-cleared medical device that provides real-time guidance during excisional breast procedures.

traxi Panniculus Retractor

Clinical Innovations offers their traxi™ Panniculus Retractor with Retentus™ Technology. traxi lifts and retracts the dense layer of fatty tissue during abdominal procedures. When used in cesarean sections, it allows for a safer labor and delivery experience for mothers with a high BMI.


ATTUNE Knee System

The ATTUNE® Knee System from the DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson is a fully integrated knee replacement system.

ESP Award Nominee: CareFusion's ClipVac Pre-Surgical Hair Removal System

CareFusion's ClipVac was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

nuvis Single-Use, Rigid Endoscope

The nuvis Single-Use Arthroscope is the first single-use rigid endoscope commercially available in the U.S. 




SurgiSafe standard absorbent floor mats from Aspen Surgical are used to help keep floors in the healthcare setting clean, dry, and slip-free, particularly during fluid intense procedures.

ESP Award Nominee: SANDEL Trip-No-More Cord Cover


SANDEL Trip-No-More Cord Cover was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

ESP Award Nominee: Medtronic’s TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope

TYRX, Inc.

Medtronic’s TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.


ESP Award Nominee: Surgical Science Inc.’s TeamSim

Surgical Science Inc.

Surgical Science Inc.’s TeamSim was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery™ (FLS) Training System

The FLS Training System is a component of the FLS program that also includes a web-based educational module developed by SAGES, and now jointly offered by SAGES and ACS. FLS incorporates hands-on skills training and an assessment tool to teach and evaluate the knowledge and skills required to perform basic laparoscopic surgery. 

Protect Your Reprocessing Savings

Stryker Sustainability Solutions is committed to helping hospitals increase their supply chain cost savings.


ESP Award Nominee: Cardinal Health’s MYNX Product Family

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health’s MYNX Product Family was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

ESP Award Nominee: 3M’s Steri-Strip

3M Health Care

3M’s Steri-Strip was nominated for Surgical Products' 2015 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

New Product is First Biosynthesized Dural Replacement

The implant is non-animal derived and carries no risk of transmissible diseases.