Video: Rapid Airway Management Positioner

Tue, 06/30/2009 - 4:42am


The AirPal RAMP (Rapid Airway Management Positioner) is a medical device to assist in safe patient handling and positioning for Airway Management.

Proper patient positioning during direct laryngoscopy is frequently overlooked by novice intubators. Manual attempts are nonstandard, unreliable and extremely time inefficient. In the emergency setting patient positioning---ramping--is neglected or even dispensed with altogether due to the inherent time constraints related to emergent endotracheal intubation. Indeed, improper patient positioning is a frequent cause of failed laryngoscopy. The RAMP™ is an inflatable device powered by its own air supply. By quickly achieving ear to sternal notch position in even the largest of patients, alignment of the airway axes is facilitated and glottic exposure improved. The RAMP™ also helps to maximize upper airway patency, improve the mechanics of ventilation and lengthen the apneic time period to critical hypoxia in massive obesity (Safe Apnea Period)

Especially unique about the AirPal RAMP is its available integration with an AirPal Platform - The AirPal Platform allows safe (no lift) lateral patient transfers from bed to stretcher, stretcher to OR Table, etc. AirPal-Patient Transfer Systems, Inc. was the original market innovator of the air assisted technology used in the AirPal Platform. Similar in concept to a hovercraft the AirPal Platform is inflated with a low pressure portable air supply; then escaping air from beneath the AirPal Platform acts as a lubricant making patient transfers easy. With the integrated AirPal Platform and RAMP, patients can be transferred from the OR Table to the stretcher while maintaining an inclined position thus maximizing airway patency.


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