Video Demonstration: Laparoscopic Internal Scope Cleaner

Tue, 08/25/2009 - 6:29am

Today, one of the occurring limitations during a laparoscopic procedure is the necessity to clean the camera lens several times during a typical procedure. This distracts the surgeon, and increases patient's risk of infection, while prolonging the procdure.

The procedure is interrupted every time the laparoscope is removed from the cavity for cleaning. Once cleaned, the instrument must be reinserted through the hole in the patients abdomen, and the surgeon must re-establish the operating field within the cavity by fixing the focus and illumination. With each removal and reinsertion of the laparoscope, time is lost and the risk of introducing infection increases.

The Virtual Ports EndoClear™ provides a practical solution. It is a device which is anchored within the cavity in a convenient position and has cleaning surfaces on which the laparoscope lens can be wiped. EndoClear™ enables repeated lens cleaning during surgery without the need to remove the laparoscope or to interrupt the surgical procedure, saving valuable time and improving patient safety.


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