Surgeon Pioneers Minimally Invasive "Natural Opening" Spine Surgery

Thu, 10/15/2009 - 7:09am

If you're suffering from back pain, and the pain medications, physical therapy, and injections aren't working, then you should consider surgery. That may be a frightening thought, however with this new and innovative approach to treating back pain, you should never fear the thought of spine surgery again!

Using the worlds most advanced minimally invasive technique, Dr. Rothstein uses his Accurascope equipped with a tiny laser and camera, and by entering the spinal canal through the natural opening of the sacral hiatus, he is able to see in live, 3D color the redness and inflammation brought on by a herniated or bulging disc, and simultaneously vaporize the obstruction with his laser, thus immediately taking that pressure off the nerves, and producing immediate relief.


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