Virtual Surgery

Thu, 10/15/2009 - 7:08am

Informatics Virtual-Reality
Engineering informatics deals with customer requirements data and product lifecycle data; manufacturing informatics focuses on process data concerning factory design and layout, machining and assembly processes; whereas healthcare informatics is concerned with data for demographics, patient records, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems, remote healthcare monitoring, diagnosis, treatment planning and surgery planning.

Current research projects include: * I*PROMS: flexible, re-configurable, fault-tolerant and eco and user-friendly manufacturing systems that can react to customer needs, environmental requirements, design inputs, and material/process/labour availability to manufacture high quality, cost-effective products. * INTUITION: virtual reality and virtual environments for future workspaces. * IWARD: a robot swarm delivering support to oversee activities in healthcare environments, providing a multipurpose, cost-effective and scalable solution to enhance the quality of healthcare. * PhD projects: modelling soft tissues for haptics applications such as virtual surgery; a virtual breast model for teaching breast examination to medical students and also for self examination by women; and developing a new rehabilitation environment for patients with upper limb impairments.


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