Laparoscopic Repair Of Groin Hernia

Thu, 06/10/2010 - 5:56am

This is how a groin hernia is repaired laparoscopically (using keyhole surgery).

The full name of the technique is the laparoscopic totally extraperitoneal mesh repair. 3 very small incisions (one hidden in the umbilicus) replace the single large incision of the conventional open approach. Patients typically now go home the same day as the operation, and can return to virtually all normal daily life activities such as cycling and golf after one week.

The first step of the procedure involves creating a working space behind the groin muscles- this is achieved using a temporary balloon to expand the tissues.

Next, the hernia itself is reduced, and the groin area prepared to receive the mesh. The third step involves the placement of plastic mesh which will cover the hernia defect as well as strengthen the whole groin area. This mesh is held in the correct position by several biodegradable tacks (these tacks fully dissolve within a few weeks). Finally the working space is collapsed down and the procedure is complete.

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