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Thu, 01/06/2011 - 4:30am

You may have heard of the Laparoscopic adjustable band procedure (referred to as the Lap-Band). It is now the second most common weight loss surgery procedure performed in the United States. At present it is the least invasive and safest weight loss procedure available -- so much so that it is becoming the procedure of choice in the adolescent population. We perform the Lap-Band Laparoscopically, and at present our Weight Loss Surgery Program is the only one in Kansas and several states in the area performing the duodenal switch, biliopancreatic diversion and revision surgery laparoscopically, as well as the Lap-Band and Bypass operation.

The Lap-Band is a restrictive procedure. The band is placed around the very top portion of the stomach, inducing weight loss by restricting how much food can be eaten at any one time. The most appealing feature of the lap-band is the ability to adjust it without additional surgery, allowing a proper fit for every patient. By adjusting the band the surgeon can adjust the pouch outlet size to increase the degree of restriction felt by the patient. The smaller the outlet size, the better it will work to control meal portion size, prolong satiety, reduce hunger and cravings, and thus reduce calorie intake.

Unlike other weight loss surgery procedures, placement of the band does not alter the gastrointestinal tract. No stapling or cutting of the stomach or the intestine reduces potential surgical complications, such as leakage and infection.

The lap-band, like other weight loss surgery procedures, is able to improve and often eliminate the medical disease associated with obesity in more than 80% of cases. An average 60% of excess weight loss can be expected to be lost with the lap-band. With good compliance more can be lost, with an 85% chance of maintaining the weight loss long term.

Proceeding with weight loss surgery is a very personal and often difficult decision. Educating yourself about weight loss surgery is a very important first step. Although the information presented here may be very helpful, patients have repeatedly told us that attending the weight loss surgery informational seminar helped the most.

For those of you who are not from Kansas, we treat many patients from out-of-state, and from all across the United States. When contacting the office please inform the staff that you are out-of-state and access our out-of-state link for more information on how we can help you with the preparatory process.


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