Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement

Thu, 02/24/2011 - 5:49am

Lumbar artificial disc replacement (ADR) is a surgical technique that allows to replace the painful intervertebral disc in the lumbar region with a disc prosthesis. This way, motion of the spine is preserved, which results in a better quality of life for the patient. An anterior approach is used in this surgery (meaning that the surgeon will approach the spine from the patient's belly), contrary to fusion.

In Dr. Clavel's words, lumbar ADR "has many advantages compared to fusion". He says that "it is a bloodless and pretty straight-forward surgery", and he further states that "patients can get up the next day, and they can be discharged in two days".

This long version gives the viewers a better insight into the whole surgical procedure, apart from providing extra information about Dr. Clavel's background.


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