The argument that you need the "laying on of hands" to practice medicine is an old and tired argument that simply has no credibility …
- Rashid Bashshur, PhD, Director of the University of Michigan Telemedicine Center  

The family legend goes like this: When my grandfather’s tonsils became infected yet again, the doctor rode out to the farm in his horse-drawn carriage toting his surgical instrument set. While he was there, the doctor supposedly looked at my dad, who was about 7 years old.

"Does Ray complain of sore throats, too?" the doctor wanted to know.


"Well, put him up here on the dining room table. Let’s take his tonsils out right now, too!" And so they did.

In the days of my dad’s childhood, medical care was routinely delivered in the home.

For better or worse, the focus of medicine may well return to the home. Consider this scenario: Bob has a headache, sore throat, and a runny nose. He walks into his kitchen and sits down at his computer.

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