What are the top three considerations surgical professionals should make when purchasing patient positioning products?

March 12, 2010

1. Try to achieve the safest patient positioning with the surgical table.

It is important to consider the surgical table and its capabilities to achieve special positions. Some tables can offer and achieve the desired patient position without additional attachments and accessories. For example:

  • Beach Chair
  • Kneeling (elbow to knee)
  • Lithotomy

This will allow more ease of use and reduce additional set up time for the clinical staff. Of course the determining factor should always be what is best for the patient.

2. A reputable table and accessory manufacturer.

In evaluating the surgical table and accessory company some thought should be given to the core business of the company with whom you are purchasing. Some topics to discuss are: 

  • Innovation and development capabilities of the manufacturer. Are they staying on the cutting edge with technology?
  • Quality, life cycle and return on investment of the product.
  • Support and training from a clinical specialist team.
  • The breadth of products that is offered.

3. Therapeutic assist and improved patient outcome.

You should always conduct a needs investigation to assess the surgeon’s expectations, needs and what is the best possible patient outcome. This can be achieved by consulting with a company that can provide hands on experience and reference sites.

Lastly, a comprehensive proposal from the company that encompasses the aforementioned topics is critical. Purchasing the best value as opposed to cutting corners will always help you achieve this.