What are your top three tips surgical professionals should consider when choosing surgical apparel products to wear in the OR?

February 15, 2011

Make sure it fits.

1. Make sure it fits.

Proper fit is key when selecting personal protective apparel, because it helps ensure both the proper level of protection and clinician comfort. If the PPE fits well, the healthcare professional will be comfortable and unburdened, which can help lead to better performances and procedural outcomes.

2. Consider the options.

There is no one product that fits all healthcare workers. Clinicians come in all sizes and shapes and with different health conditions. When selecting gloves, consider options that protect against latex allergies, skin irritation or dermatitis. With masks, consider high filtration options for procedures that may involve smoke plume. In all cases, consider the level of fluid penetration that may occur during a procedure, and select gowns and drapes accordingly.

3. Choose the right supply partner.

Healthcare professionals should partner with a supplier that can provide solutions across the surgical apparel spectrum. The best partnerships will be ones where the supplier can support clinicians through product evaluation, ordering, conversion and in-use process at their facilities and then remain a resource around clinical education, recommendations and practices.

Linda McNeilly is a member of the Surgical Products team at Cardinal Health, where she focuses on providing surgical hand care solutions and continuing education opportunities to clinicians nationwide.