General manager of Palmero Health Care, Bernie Dutton, discusses his company’s disinfectant that received the yellow ribbon, Best of Show award in the 2011 Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

Surgical Products: How was the idea for this product developed?

DisCide Ultra, Palmero Health Care

Bernie Dutton: Palmero Health Care entered into an exclusive distributorship to sell a dual chain quaternary ammonium, high level isopropyl alcohol disinfectant. After a successful 5 year partnership, Palmero was offered the rights to the entire product line. The sale included the product’s trademark, EPA registration, and the manufacturing knowledge and process theories. In the 38 or so years of developing the DisCide Ultra product, Palmero Health Care has continued to grow the disinfectant business and expanded on the original kill claims. The dedication to continuously test our product, to obtain new kill claims and/or shorten existing claims is our top priority.

SP: What needs were you looking to meet with this product?

BD: DisCide ULTRA was developed into a one-step, ready-to-use, one minute or less KILL CLAIM on over 17 major microorganisms. The product intent was to minimize the reliance on staff workers to mix products or “clock watch”. DisCide Ultra kill claims are one minute or less. Use the product and in one minute all the microorganisms on the list are dead. Many products on the market today have varied kill claims for microorganisms (ie: MRSA 2 minutes and TB 10 minutes). The burden of disinfecting is placed on to the staff. Did they use or mix the product properly? Did they leave the surface wet long enough for the kill claim to be effective? Which microorganism are they trying to kill? A disinfectant should be used based on its longest kill claim, anything other than that would be detrimental to patients and personnel. Our goal was to create a disinfecting product that was simple, easy to use, and effective with no guess work.

SP: How does this product work?

BD: DisCide ULTRA is a one-step, ready-to-use, ONE minute or LESS kill claim product that eliminates over 17 major microorganisms. DisCide ULTRA is non-corrosive and non-staining, it cleans as well as disinfects. It is economical, saves time, and eliminates waste. It is the only product in the industry that uses the same formula for both its liquid and towelette products. Simply spray and or wipe with a towelette wait ONE minute and disinfection has been completed. DisCide ULTRA is EPA registered and meets the disinfection requirements of OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard.

SP: What problems does this product address?

BD: This product is the solution to all your infection control problems, combining a powerful hospital level formula that kills effectively, quickly and conveniently. Many products evaporate before their kill claim times are reached and therefore ineffective. But, there is no guess work when DisCide ULTRA is used; in ONE minute or less the microorganisms are killed, eliminating the concern that cross contamination or infections may spread.

SP: How can using this product help facilities improve patient safety, infection rates and overall efficiency?

BD: Time is Money but not at the risk of patients. A quicker disinfecting method allows for less down time not only for personnel but patient turnaround time. DisCide Ultra is the simplest solution to disinfect in less time while guaranteeing patient safety. Palmero’s DisCide disinfectant will reduce infection rates in the shortest and most effective amount of time available.