Raoul Quintero, President, MAQUET Medical Systems USA

Raoul Quintero, president of MAQUET Medical Systems USA gives his take on the Hybrid OR

The world of surgery is currently undergoing great changes. More and more surgeons prefer to perform minimally invasive or open procedures in Hybrid ORs, which transcend medical discipline boundaries and enable collaboration between specialists such as cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons. Hybrid ORs are designed to streamline workflow and provide doctors the opportunity to have real-time imaging equipment and surgical equipment in the same room, offering hospitals the potential for better patient outcomes and cost efficiencies.

When choosing the proper equipment for a Hybrid OR, it is important to partner with a single-source provider, like MAQUET, that can offer comprehensive solutions from planning and installation to training and customer service support. This approach reduces the room for error and ensures that the hospital’s investment from planning and execution to maintenance is streamlined.

In order to help OR teams work together effectively in one room and safely perform multiple interventions in one session, a well-built hybrid suite should include a complete line of surgical workplace and imaging equipment including:

  • Operating Tables – The center of any Hybrid OR is the surgical table and imaging equipment. The most effective Hybrid ORs include operating tables that are synchronized with the imaging system and have interchangeable, radio-translucent, 360-degree table tops, like MAQUET’s MAGNUS table, which is FDA approved to operate with imaging systems from imaging leaders, Philips Healthcare and Siemens.
  • Surgical Lights – Advanced surgical lights, such as MAQUET’s PowerLED, provide safe and efficient lighting for open and minimally invasive procedures as well as a complete range of lighting levels that cater to all needs, from vein harvesting to coronary artery bypass surgery.
  • OR Integration – By putting comprehensive patient data into one efficient platform that works in existing environments and across multiple disciplines, OR integration systems can help hospitals around the world lighten the load on surgical teams, improve OR workflow and decrease downtime.
  • Modular Walls and Ceiling Elements – Modular wall and ceiling elements, like the VARIOP modular system, allow hospitals to design every aspect of the OR in line with their requirements and to modify the rooms to fit their ever-changing needs.
  • Ceiling Supply Units (CSU) – CSUs, also known as booms and pendants, like MODUTEC save space, create a more orderly working environment, and increase efficiency. By keeping cables and devices off the floor and allowing equipment such as anesthesia machines to be easily lifted and lowered, CSUs ensure better access to the patient and provide a safer working environment for hospital staff.
  • Advanced Surgical Equipment – From the most technologically advanced anesthesia machines and ventilators to innovative cardiovascular technology, a truly integrated hybrid suite should house a comprehensive suite of products and accessories for surgical and interventional procedures for optimal patient care.

From assessing workflow requirements and choosing suitable equipment to planning a room layout and more, industry leaders such as MAQUET provide comprehensive Hybrid OR solutions to hospitals that offer the kind of simple, cost-effective, leading-edge technology needed to empower medical professionals across every touch point to maximize patient outcomes.