The Pigazzi Patient Positioning System from Xodus Medical

Xodus Medical answers questions about its Pigazzi Patient Positioning System and how it helps in the OR.

1. How was the idea for this product developed? What needs were you looking to meet with this product?

The product was developed to improve patient stability for staff and to prohibit the patient from slipping during procedures requiring steep positioning. It is designed to increase patient safety and prevent injuries.

2. How does this system work?

The product has a high coefficient of friction foam pad that conforms to the patient’s body. It supports and keeps the patient from slipping without unnecessary pressure on the neck, shoulders and arms. The single-use positioning kit includes: a foam pad with straps that secure to the rails of the OR table, a lift sheet to tuck the patient’s arms and a strap to secure the patient’s shoulders, upper arms and chest area.

3. What problems does this product address?

The Pigazzi Patient Positioning System prevents patient slippage/injury and reduces OR set-up time.

4. How can using this product help facilities improve patient safety, infection rates and overall efficiency?

The product increases patient safety, improves patient positioning for staff, reduces set-up time, decreases the potential of cross-contamination and replaces outdated devices that do not meet the demands of advanced procedures.

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