Chris Irwin, Senior Product Manager For Integration

What products and equipment make up an integrated OR? What considerations should an OR make when choosing products and equipment for an integrated OR?

Integrating an OR can be overwhelming considering the technology available and if the desired result is not clearly defined. A good starting point is to determine what the clinical function and visual information needs of the room will be. It’s also important to determine where equipment will reside in the OR and where these sources will connect/tie into the integration system. Reviewing the connection points and locations should be done in order to avoid compromising traffic areas and creating potential trip hazards.

Next, the location of where the monitors will be in the OR for displaying the information should be determined. When implementing large-screen, wall-mounted displays make sure these are not placed on walls where viewing is obstructed by ceiling mounted or other mobile or floor mounted equipment.

It’s important to establish the location of the touch panel and integration rack of hardware, typically the touch panel is placed at the nurses desk for easy access by the circulating nurse. The home location of the rack equipment will vary as some vendors have more flexibility in relation to distance from the OR in which the equipment can be placed while other vendors require placement inside of the OR.

When selecting an integration solution the final choice should meet not only immediate needs of the OR, but also be flexible in design and capability to provide future expansion and growth as technology and requirements change. The integration solution should also deliver the highest standard and quality of visual information to be displayed in order to assure the best clinical diagnosis and outcome.