The number of people applying to law schools is in steep decline. So says a recent post on a website called “The National Jurist.”

The post cited some remarkable statistics from the American Bar Association. In 2012, law school applicant numbers were down 14% from 2011 and 23% from 2010.

For the fall of 2012, there were 44,481 first-year law students enrolled, a drop of about 4,000 from 2010.

Many schools have decreased enrollments with more than 90 cutting class sizes by more than 10%.

On January 2, 2013, the Wall Street Journal said, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the economy will provide 21,880 new jobs for lawyers annually between 2010 and 2020; law schools since 2010, however, have produced more than 44,000 graduates each year.”

For the non-math majors, that’s a ratio of more than two graduates for every job.

There are way too many lawyers around anyway.

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