India is the perfect place for Google Inc.’s wearable computer Google Glass, according to the first surgeon in the country to perform an operation wearing the optical device.

J.S. Rajkumar, a tech-savvy laparoscopic surgeon at the Lifeline Multi Speciality Hospital in the southern city of Chennai, on Tuesday carried out two operations wearing Glass, which uses a tiny, voice-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled computer on the face.

Mr. Rajkumar said that Glass, which has yet to hit the world-wide commercial market, could work wonders in India, where 85% of all surgeries happen in villages and small towns and doctors often need expert guidance to perform complex and emergency procedures.

“As you operate you can webcast to three or four senior surgeons sitting in Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad and we would be able guide those rural surgeons,” Mr. Rajkumar said. “It’s implications are huge,” he added.

Glass allows images to be projected inside a small, transparent cuboid over the right eye, meant to look like a 25-inch screen eight feet away, reducing obstruction for the wearer.

The user can navigate through the various functions by tapping or swiping the device’s frame, issuing voice commands preceded by the phrase “OK, Glass,” or moving their head up and down.

This allows them to search the Internet, take pictures or videos, make phone calls and send messages.

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