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​HipGrid DRONE
OrthoGrid’s HipGrid DRONE™ is the answer to orthopaedic surgeons’ needs for a non-invasive, intra-operative, radiopaque guide for proper implant positioning, leg length alignment, and hip offset measurements for anterior and posterior total hip arthroplasty (THA). The DRONE works with standard C-arms found in the operating room and is a simple, effective, efficient, reproducible, and clinically-proven solution to visualizing and accounting for naturally-occurring fluoroscopic distortion that silently affects the outcomes of total hip replacement (THR).




The ACUSON P500™ ultrasound system, FROSK edition, is an adaptable, point-of-care portable ultrasound system.

The system delivers excellent image quality, smart workflow and durability, all in a compact notebook format. With reliable and fast imaging, the ACUSON P500 FROSK is particularly suitable for use in emergency medicine and general imaging.


Sonablate HIFU

SonaCare Medical has developed the next generation system of care for the ablation of prostate tissue. Sonablate® HIFU surgical ablation system delivers precise and focused ablative energy with the possibility of vastly reducing patients’ side effect profiles.

Sonablate HIFUSonablate® is powered by the unique A3 Technology allowing physicians to:

  • Aim at specific tissue using integrated ultrasound imaging, MRI fusion and planning tools
  • Ablate targeted tissue with HIFU ablation
  • Analyze the procedure results using real-time ultrasound imaging and tissue change monitoring software