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About the Company

Calzuro is an Italian-made shoe, sold exclusively in the U.S. through Amazon. Healthcare professionals have worn Calzuro in the OR since 1987 for comfort and practicality. The 1.5” heel sets the body anatomically correct, decreasing fatigue caused by long hours of standing. The Calzuro also prevents contamination because they can be sterilized in the autoclave (up to 300˚ F), machine-washed, or disinfected with bleach. Other benefits of the Calzuro include: slip resistant soles, anti-static, available in two styles; with upper ventilation holes or without upper ventilation holes, and a variety of 13 different colors to choose from! Calzuro offers two accessories to pair with the shoes; comfort insoles and heel straps. The insoles are made with a wicking material and can be machine-washed or autoclaved, like the shoes! The heel strap adds a back to the Calzuro to meet facility safety requirements.For Calzuro questions, please contact our helpful customer service M-F, 8-5 EST! Treat your feet daily by wearing Calzuro!