Virtual Ports

Virtual Ports

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Caesarea, Israel
Phone: +972 4 6277506
About the Company

Exceptionally small-profile devices providing secure laparoscopic organ retraction.

Virtual Ports develops, manufactures and sells products to improve laparoscopic surgery. Our products incorporate our proprietary MicroAnchoringTM technology to provide secure laparoscopic organ retraction using exceptionally small-profile and easy-to-use devices.

These products allow surgeons to use existing ports to retract organs, entirely from within the abdominal cavity, facilitating reduced-port and single-incision surgeries.

To date, our EndoGrab and EndoLift have been used in over 17,000 procedures, primarily in the US and Japan.

We have regulatory approval in the US, Japan, Europe and South Korea. Among our US customers are Cleveland Clinic, Stanford Hospital, Florida Hospital and Duke University Medical Center.