Integrated robotic room solutions will streamline capabilities in daVinci®-enabled surgical suites

MENTOR, OHIO – September 23, 2009 – STERIS Corporation (NYSE: STE) and Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG) have signed a collaboration agreement to enable the integration of both companies’ technologies into advanced minimally invasive (MIS) robotic surgical suites.

This collaboration will result in daVinci-capable suites that are ergonomically streamlined and technologically sophisticated. The collaboration enables STERIS HD 360°™ Suites technologies to connect seamlessly with the daVinci® Surgical System to create an optimized surgical environment for patients and surgical staff.

“What matters most to our healthcare customers is that they have the best available tools to continually improve patient outcomes,” says Bill O’Riordan, vice president and general manager of Surgical Solutions at STERIS Corporation.

“Working with the industry leader in surgical robotics, we are making possible a solution for the ultimate minimally invasive robotic surgical suite—combining elements of our HD 360° Suites, the daVinci Si Surgical System and the new da Vinci Si VisionBoom Upgrade. This enhanced MIS suite is designed to increase efficiency for surgeons and their staffs.”

The STERIS-Intuitive agreement will allow the two companies to meld HD 360 Suites’ enhanced integration, visualization and equipment management capabilities with daVinci Si surgical systems to create a wholistic solution that is highly advanced and technologically seamless. This new suite configuration is also more efficient for surgical staff. For example, STERIS has precisely designed this new suite configuration to improve surgical workflow by supporting a variety of digital media and their outputs, keeping cords and other equipment off the floor, and creating obstacle-free functional areas for the robotics and other technologies.

One of the first joint projects for the two companies is the new advanced robotic suite in Intuitive Surgical’s clinical training lab in California. Customers are able to experience the full benefits and capabilities of the collaborative solution and get hands-on training with the STERIS and Intuitive technologies in the room. In addition to the daVinci Si Surgical System, these technologies include the Harmony® LED Surgical Lighting and Visualization System, Harmony Equipment Management System, STERIS’s many integration and high-definition video and output technologies, STERIS® 5085 Surgical Tables, and nurse documentation stations. The clinical training lab is also used for design optimization activities.

“We already know that the human health benefit of infinitely precise robotic surgery is huge,” states O’Riordan. “Add to that the productivity benefits of a STERIS-Intuitive Surgical integrated robotic solution, and you have a justifiable investment for current and future MIS needs.”

In addition to this new agreement, STERIS has implemented similar relationships with other leading medical device manufacturers. The advanced surgical and diagnostic rooms created by combining complementary technologies with STERIS OR solutions comprise the fastest-growing segment in the surgical environment.

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