(PRNewswire) Two core premises underlie Mobile Surgery International's (MSI) mission to broaden access to surgical choice and quality. The first is that patients (and payers) should be able to make decisions about surgical options based upon access to complete information up front about all of the necessary services associated with their surgical procedure, the skill and expertise of the surgeon carrying out the procedure, and the total costs involved.

The second is that waste should be eliminated and savings passed on to patients (and payers). “For surgical care, individual patients and even major payers have to invest extraordinary resources in trying to understand what they are 'buying' and how much it will cost,” says Arnon Krongrad, MD, president and chief executive of MSI.

“The varied elements of surgical care are commonly fragmented. They include services provided by hospitals, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pathologists, physical therapists, and others ... and each of these services is often administered and negotiated separately. In addition, it is not usually clear to the consumer which element is necessary, so waste and inefficiency creep in.

“Finally, the cost to the payer (whether an uninsured patient or a major, self-insured employer) is often not fixed. Additional, unexpected charges can make it impossible to budget with any degree of accuracy,” states Krongrad.

MSI has now posted detailed descriptions for two specific surgical service at These two “all-in” packages, which address total knee replacement and radical prostatectomy for appropriately qualified patients) are designed to simplify patient and payer negotiation of the costs of specific surgical episodes by encompassing every predictable element of quality surgery by openly defining and communicating these elements, and by fixing the specific cost for such surgical episodes.

“Our all-inclusive, fully transparent, quality-driven service includes not only specialist surgeons but aggressive, early physical therapy at specialized rehabilitation facilities. Our costs are not only low by general standards, but they are fixed: the qualified patient or the payer will know what they are purchasing up front, and the full costs for the necessary surgical services,” continues Krongrad.

Mobile Surgery International offers patients and payers surgical choice and quality with cost containment through its Centers of Excellence. To do this, MSI is cutting overhead, recruiting surgical talent and identifying host surgical facilities. It provides differentiating surgical programs and develops custom solutions to administrative needs with minimal regard to geography. MSI coordinates all necessary arrangements at a cost agreeable to the patient and/or the payer. For more information, see