(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bulow BioTech Prosthetics today announced its distinction as an iWalk Certified Bionics Center. With this designation, Bulow BioTech Prosthetics will serve as one of the nation's first prosthetics providers to commercially offer the PowerFoot BiOM, the first robotic lower leg system to normalize metabolic efficiency and increase self selected walking speed for amputees. The BiOM features advanced bionics technology developed by Dr. Hugh Herr, a MIT-based, world-renowned innovator and researcher in the fields of biomechanics, biological motion control and augmentation technologies.

"Up until recently, bionic technology has only been available to the military. Bulow is excited to offer this life-changing technology to all amputees," said Matt Bulow, founder of Bulow BioTech Prosthetics.

During the test phase of the PowerFoot BiOM, Bulow was one of the first clinics to outfit a civilian with this technology. "Our patient is on his feet all day on uneven terrain. This foot preserves his energy and keeps him safe," adds Bulow.

Bulow BioTech Prosthetics recognition as an iWalk Certified Bionics Center signifies the organization's standing as one of the leading prosthetic providers in the nation, including a demonstrated excellence in client service, clinical care and quality fabrication. As a charter member of the BiOM distribution network, Bulow BioTech Prosthetics continues its commitment to embracing and partnering with proven technology suppliers to provide the best prosthetic solutions available for amputees.

PowerFoot BiOM is available immediately at Bulow BioTech Prosthetics. For more information, please visit

The BiOM is the world's first bionic lower leg system that utilizes robotics to replicate muscles and tendons that replace the action of the foot, Achilles tendon and calf muscle. Scientific research proves that the BiOM normalizes level ground walking for lower-limb amputees by enabling them to walk at the same speed, and with the same metabolic energy, as their peers with intact biological limbs.

"Through the selection of iWalk's Certified Bionic Centers, we have built a clinical distribution network of partners dedicated to providing amputees with the most advanced prosthetic technology in the world," said Timothy McCarthy, iWalk's president and CEO. "iWalk is excited to partner with Bulow Biotech to ensure there patients have access to our life changing technology."

For more information on the iWalk Certified Bionics Centers and the BiOM technology, please visit