(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun 18, 2012--

AdeTherapeutics, Inc., a world leader in developing products that reduce adhesion complication related to surgery, today announced the company is attracting world renowned physicians for its clinical execution team, including Dr. Ike K. Ahmed, one of the most experienced complex eye surgeons in the world and recognized for his ground breaking work in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of highly complex eye diseases including glaucoma and surgical complications. Other certified clinical development professionals to join the AdeTherapeutics medical team include Stanford and Cleveland Clinic trained Dr. Michael Kelly, specializing in minimally invasive endovascular surgical techniques; Dr. Roger Pierson, a University of Saskatchewan professor of obstetrics and gynecology; and Stony Brook Medical University's Dr. David Fiorella, specializing in interventional neuroradiology and a pioneer in new technologies for the treatment of complex cerebrovascular lesions.

"AdeTherapeutics' product and approach are very promising and have significant potential in all minimally invasive and invasive ophthalmology procedures where fibrosis or scar tissue is a problem," commented Dr. Ike K. Ahmed. "Unlike other surgeries, inability to control growth of fibrotic tissue in the eye is the difference between success and failure of a procedure. I am excited to be a part of AdeTherapeutics' product development and clinical process to help solve a problem that has plagued ophthalmology for decades."

AdeTherapeutics is leveraging its novel and rapid wound healing discovery to bring first-in-class therapeutic and device products into clinical development. The company is setting the standard of care for surgeons to prevent adhesions in ophthalmology as well as gynaecology, neurosurgery (joint collaboration entered into with DSM to address pain and failed back surgery syndrome) and general surgery. In ophthalmology in particular, fibrous scar tissue is not only considered a complication as in other surgeries, but rather is a direct result of a successful or failed procedure. Any scar tissue in the eye after surgery provides impairment to the vision and therefore is considered a failed procedure.

"The current health care environment is demanding products that not only improve patient outcomes but also address costs to the health care system," commented Sanj Singh, president and CEO at AdeTherapeutics. "Complications of surgery are responsible for one in three re-admissions, loss productivity, poor patient outcomes and increased health care costs. We are delighted that AdeTherapeutics' revolutionary approach, clinical insight and potential in preventing surgery complications for the direct benefit of the health care and economic systems have attracted the most notable, world renowned professionals in the field."

Sanj Singh, president and CEO at AdeTherapeutics, is presenting during the BIO Business Forum at the BIO International Convention on Monday,June 18, 2012, 2:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. in Room Celtics 104C.

AdeTherapeutics is part of the Saskatchewan BioSciences team, led by Ag-West Bio, a Saskatchewan-based organization that works as a catalyst for developing partnerships and industry growth in the bio-sector. Exhibiting in booth #0735 - Hall A - Canada Café at the 2012 BIO International Convention on Monday, June 18 - Thursday, June 21, 2012 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, the team includes Prairie Plant Systems, Ag-West bio, Enterprise Saskatchewan, AdeTherapeutics, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Canadian Light Source (CLS), VIDO-InterVac, Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology (SIAST) and University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office.