New technology and surgical techniques are helping Orlando-area patients improve their looks using one of the most hated parts of the body: fat.

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Jeffrey Hartog , M.D., has mastered a technique for taking fat from one part of the body – typically the abdomen or thighs – and using it in the face, hands or breasts. The procedure is called fat grafting, or fat transfer, and it's giving women and men a new, safer option in the fight against aging.

"Fat restores that youthful look," said Hartog, director of The Bougainvillea Clinique, "and it's all natural. No chemicals or foreign objects are needed."

Fat grafting itself isn't new, but improved technology has made it much more effective. Fat is taken from one area of the body and purified. It's then injected in small droplets into the face, hands or breasts. Once the fat is injected, the body quickly builds a vascular network to support it, making it permanently attached to the "new" part of the body.

"The key is injecting the fat in very small droplets," Hartog explained.

The procedure is minimally invasive and scarless, and the leftover fat can be frozen indefinitely for patients who want to use it in future procedures. Patient Amy said that fat transfer was a great option after childbirth and breastfeeding left her breasts with size but no shape. She has also banked fat to use in the future.

"I am very happy that I chose to inject and bank fat. It looks and feels more natural and you do not have to do an implant exchange in the future," she said.