Dr. Sherman C. Yu at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants has successfully completed his 100th minimally invasive SPIDER gastric sleeve procedure, a significant milestone for a bariatric surgeon offering a new advanced technology.

Even more importantly, though, patients of Yu and his colleague, Dr. Terry Scarborough, report that they are delighted with their SPIDER® Surgical System results, according to data being collected in a multi-center patient registry.

Of Yu’s and Scarborough’s patients who are part of the registry, 100 percent said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their overall experience and the lack of visible scarring, while 95 percent said the same about their recovery. And 90 percent reported being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the lack of pain experienced. On average, the patients returned to their full normal activities within a week after surgery.

“Patients are excited to learn that the latest advances in bariatric surgery – such as SPIDER gastric sleeve – can be performed in such a minimally invasive fashion,” Yu said. “And it is very gratifying to me, as a surgeon, to see patients reporting satisfying experiences.”

Gastric sleeve is a fast-growing choice for surgically supported weight loss. It reduces the size of a patient’s stomach, allowing him or her to feel satisfied after eating less food. Last year, the New England Journal of Medicine – one of the world’s most respected peer-reviewed medical journals – reported that gastric sleeve was more effective in treating Type 2 diabetes than medicine, diet and exercise alone.

Here’s how the SPIDER System works in a gastric sleeve procedure: The surgeon makes a small incision in the patient’s belly button, inserts the platform and expands it, like an umbrella. Expansion offers the surgeon access to four ports or pathways to the operating site – two accommodate rigid instruments and two accommodate flexible instruments.

The surgeon inserts a camera into one rigid port. Through the flexible ports, the surgeon inserts TransEnterix’s proprietary articulating instruments, which can be manipulated 360 degrees, providing essential freedom of movement for the surgeon. When done, the surgeon removes all instruments and the camera, closes the SPIDER System, and removes it through the same small incision.

Yu – who has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons by Consumers Research Council of America – is certified by the American Board of Surgery, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, along with other professional organizations.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine.

A Houston native, Yu has been recognized as a Centers of Excellence® Surgeon by the Surgical Review Corporation. He serves as bariatric medical director at Park Plaza Hospital.