With research mounting showing the potential of lap band surgery to help sustain dramatic weight loss and, very often, the remission of type 2 diabetes, obese Americans are considering the procedure more than ever before. However, Dr. Michael Feiz realizes that the lap band is just a tool, not a complete solution, for weight loss. He believes that success depends on a strong relationship with the operating physician, as seen in this weight loss surgery testimonial. From pre-surgical planning and assistance during recovery to the unfortunate yet sometimes necessary lap band conversion to sleeve gastrectomy procedure, a strong doctor-patient relationship is critical.

Patients and doctors alike have noted that bariatric physicians are not like a regular surgeon where there are only one or two follow up appointments following the operation. Dr. Feiz, a renowned weight loss surgeon operating primarily out of Los Angeles, wants potential patients to consider him as a resource and guiding hand before, during, and after surgery. He's seen that patients are much more likely to achieve long-lasting weight loss success when they maintain a strong relationship with him and his staff. Dr. Feiz' office offers around the clock support, including access to a team member at all times, the help of a nutritionist, and often the doctor's personal phone number.

This kind of detailed follow-up is especially important when it comes to the lap band procedure. The lap band is an adjustable device, which is filled with a saline solution or deflated depending on a patient's desired level of restriction on their stomach's capacity. As such, regular meetings with Dr. Feiz are necessary to make sure that the lap band is the right size to provide weight loss but not so full to be uncomfortable. These meetings also allow Dr. Feiz and his team to monitor the patient's process and help them through any struggles with diet or exercise they may be having. Many have compared a good bariatric surgeon to a coach and the support of Dr. Feiz cannot be undervalued.

While the lap band has been shown to be a powerful tool for weight loss, it can sometimes prove less than satisfactory. This can happen for a wide-range of reasons that are often beyond the control of the patient or doctor. The reasons a lap band can fail include:

  •  Little or no weight loss despite restrictive diet and adherence to exercise plan
  • Persistent nausea or discomfort caused by the lap band, which can also lead to patients relying on unhealthy but easy-to-digest foods
  • The body rejects the lap band and treats it like a foreign object
  • Band slippage or erosion

In these cases or when another physician's work is unsuccessful, then lap band to sleeve gastrectomy conversion might be necessary. Some may opt to simply have the lap band removed; however, those who still want the weight loss they originally expected may choose to have the band removed by Dr. Feiz while he simultaneously creates a gastric sleeve in the same surgery. The gastric sleeve is a permanent weight loss surgery that has been shown to be highly effective.