EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc., a leader in endoscopy and integrated operating room technology, is pleased to announce its release of a new solution to enhance OR workflow, efficiency, and collaboration. In the company’s newest release of the Essential NEO OR1® integrated operating room system, KARL STORZ demonstrates how image acquisition, image management, surgical informatics, and surgical collaboration represent key pillars for delivering integrated surgical care. In addition, the technology release coincides with a program to support Miracle Flights for Kids®, which helps children requiring specialized medical care receive the treatment they need from doctors and hospitals.

In an era when costs are being driven out of the healthcare model, hospitals are focused on efficiency. One critical efficiency metric that is tracked in hospital operating rooms is Turnover Time, which is the window of time needed to clean and prepare the OR between surgeries. Lower Turnover Times result in higher OR utilization and more patients receiving needed care in a timely manner.

To help surgical teams reduce Turnover Time, the latest KARL STORZ Essential NEO OR1 system introduces the industry’s first visual TurnOver Measurement System. This new analytical feature is designed to promote faster Turnover Times, allow for improved workflow efficiency, support surgical teamwork, and contribute to safe surgical processes.

“We are a visually stimulated society, leveraging visualization cues through technology is key to driving improved teamwork,” said Christy Gaudet, Director, OR1 Marketing, KARL STORZ. “Most of us need an alarm clock in the morning to help remind us it’s time to wake up. Our new TurnOver Measurement System will help remind surgical teams of Turnover Time goals, and drive behavior to help meet those goals.”

As a family-owned company, KARL STORZ knows that its goal of Perfecting Surgical Outcomes and promoting efficiency through technology begins with the patient. With the release of its new TurnOver Measurement System, KARL STORZ is partnering with Miracle Flights for Kids to ensure that children across the country have access to the medical specialist they need. For each clinical use of the KARL STORZ TurnOver Measurement System, the company will make a donation to Miracle Flights.

Miracle Flights for Kids is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve access to healthcare by providing free medical air travel to hospitals and doctors across America. Ann McGee, Founder and National President of Miracle Flights, stated, “We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to partner with such an outstanding company. Miracle Flights ensures that children in desperate need of specialized medical care get to the doctors and hospitals that can best help, many of which use KARL STORZ technologies in their operating rooms.” She noted that most of the children Miracle Flights assists are born with rare, genetic diseases. “We believe every child has a birthright to a healthy life, and this partnership with KARL STORZ will help us to assist more children and families across the country.”

In addition to the TurnOver Measurement System, the Essential NEO OR1 release features touchpanel control of the surgical environment, and a focus on surgical telementoring. KARL STORZ continues to be the only OR integration provider to provide cloud-based “OR-to-Person” remote presence for telementoring and telecollaboration.

“We believe that this new release will support the throughput improvement goals of our customers,” Gaudet stated. “We are excited to partner with Miracle Flights for Kids to remind everyone that at the heart of everything we do in healthcare is the patient.”