(BUSINESS WIRE)  Exactech, Inc., a developer and producer of bone and joint restoration products for hip, knee, shoulder, spine and biologic materials, has announced the international launch of Optetrak Logic Porous, a new porous technology for total knee arthroplasty. Logic Porous offers knee surgeons a new implant coating that uses a lattice developed through layers of irregular shaped beads, resulting in an increased average pore size and greater porosity than traditional spherical beads.

A University of New South Wales animal study compared the Logic Porous to traditional porous-beaded coating. The study found:

  • Greater shear strength at the cortical interface after 12 weeks of implantation.
  • Higher overall bone in-growth rates at the cancellous interface after 12 weeks of implantation.
  • Higher total bone in-growth rates at the cortical interface after four and 12 weeks of implantation.
  • Greater forgiveness to sub-optimal implantation conditions.

The launch coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Exactech Knee, a clinically-recognized system of implants and personalized surgical techniques. This is the initial launch of Logic Porous internationally, with full market availability ramping up throughout 2014 and beyond. Logic Porous is indicated for cemented use only in the U.S.