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Headlamp Lighting System

Stallion Headlamps from Bryton Corp. are surgical light sources that can provide light consistently for up to 9 hours. According to the company, the technology uses minimal energy and produces zero heat, giving surgeons the freedom to move during a procedure with ease comfort.

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Task-Vision Desk Lamp

Vision USA offers a pillar-style Task-Vision Desk Lamp, which provides proper lighting with magnification for maximum comfort. According to the company, the Task-Vision Desk lamp features: A 5” glass lens with 3X distortion-free optical quality. 22-watt color correct circular fluorescent illumination (shadow free).

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Xenon Replacement Lamps

The 300 and 175 watt "VAC" ceramic xenon replacement lamps are backed by a 700 hour non-prorated warranty and typically exceed 1,000-hour lifetimes. The "VAC" ceramic xenon lamps, with patent pending designs, ensure enhanced lumen maintenance and higher arc stability in medical lighting systems.

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Replacement Bulbs for Diagnostic Instruments

GF Health Products now offers replacement bulbs for a variety of the most popular diagnostic instruments including vaginal specula, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and laryngoscopes. The bulbs are packaged six to a box. GF Health Products is a major manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products for the homecare, long-term care, primary care, and acute care markets.

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