Medi-Flex, Inc. announces the availability of two new tools for preoperative skin preparation. The ChloraPrep® 10.5 mL applicator, now available with ScrubTeal™ tint, and the 26 mL applicator are the only 2% chlorhexidine/70% isopropyl alcohol preoperative skin preps that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

In fact, the combination of chlorhexidine and alcohol in ChloraPrep® produces better immediate, residual, and cumulative bactericidal activity than alcohol and iodophor solutions. Furthermore, ChloraPrep® is persistent in killing a broad spectrum of microorganisms on the skin for at least 48 hours versus two to three hours for iodophors. Unlike iodophors, ChloraPrep® remains active in the presence of blood or organic matter. These unique properties represent a significant advancement in skin antiseptics.

Use of ChloraPrep® as a primary skin prep steadily has increased in hospitals across the United States. Currently, it is used extensively in procedures such as central line insertion, cardiac catheterization, interventional radiology, minor surgery, peripheral IV insertion, and blood culture. Now, with larger-sized applicators and ScrubTeal™ tint for easy visualization of prep margins, ChloraPrep® is the most rapid-acting, persistent and superior preoperative skin preparation available in the OR suite.

While efficacy is the top priority for most clinicians, ease of use also is an important issue. ChloraPrep® 10.5 mL and 26 mL are both one-step preoperative preps. These new products deliver precise volumes of tinted ChloraPrep® solution in a unique applicator that keeps the hands away from the prep site and provides a friction scrub. The patented new tinting technology adds color to the ChloraPrep® solution as it passes through the sponge pad so prep margins are easy to see.

In addition to its convenient applicator, ChloraPrep® 10.5 mL and 26 mL contain the CDC-preferred concentration of 2% chlorhexidine. Clinical studies comparing chlorhexidine to povidone iodine consistently demonstrate reduction rates of 50% for catheter-related bloodstream infections.

Success Stories

As a recommended skin prep for catheter insertion, ChloraPrep® has been the deciding factor in the success of several hospitals’ infection reduction programs. Because, like catheter-related bloodstream infections, most surgical site infections are caused by the patient’s own skin flora, ChloraPrep®’s established success in the catheter insertion arena will serve as bridge for its use in the OR.

Lahey Clinic— Burlington, Mass.

     • Over a 27-month period, use of alcohol hand rub and chlorhexidine reduced catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) by 57%

     • 58 CRBSIs were avoided

     • 467 ICU days and 1402 hospital days were avoided

     • 20 deaths were avoided

     • An estimated $2-3 million was saved

St. John Hospital and Medical Center— Detroit

     • In the first six months after implementing the new central line insertion process, central line related bacteremia decreased by 50%

     • The variable cost calculated per CLRB was $16,650 an episode

     • By avoiding 16 CLRB in six months, the hospital saved $265,648 in variable costs

Brookdale University Medical Center— Brooklyn, N.Y.

     • A 39-month period of intervention combining focused education with the use of ChloraPrep® and novel technology reduced central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) by nearly 89.3%

     • An estimated 73 CRBSIs were avoided each year

     • Using a cited cost-per-infection estimate of $34,000 to $56,000, the calculated annual savings ranged from $2 to 4 million

About Medi-Flex

Medi-Flex is a leader in providing innovative products and clinical education that improve the quality of healthcare. From peripheral IV insertion to major surgery, MediFlex is the only company that provides a full line of chlorhexidine gluconate antiseptic skin preps that meet the unique needs of each hospital department. Founded by Joe Brandmeyer in 1985, Medi-Flex has a 20-year history of leading innovative clinical formulation and development of antiseptic skin products. In November 2000, Medi-Flex launched a revolutionary antiseptic product, called ChloraPrep One-Step®. Medi-Flex is based in Leawood, Kan., with manufacturing and distribution facilities in El Paso, Texas, and sales associates located throughout the United States.