Boehringer Laboratories is committed to improving healthcare by designing suction controls with features that aid infection control strategies. The Platinum Series Suction Regulators have distinct advantages to assist the effort to drive down the incidence of hospital-acquired infections.

Only Boehringer products offer:

Unlimited Disinfection and Sterilization Options

Thanks to the all-metal materials of construction, unlike plastic products, these devices are not vulnerable to cracking, discoloration and degradation. All units are compatible with Autoclave, EO, and any other process of choice.

Self-Cleaning Technology™

Boehringer is able to offer a 12 year warranty on the 3800 Series Suction Regulators due in large part to the development of the Self Cleaning Technology™ that effectively protects the internal mechanism from contamination.

Self Cleaning Technology™ introduces a curtain of air into the regulator body that forces aerosolized contaminants and fluids away from the internal mechanisms of the regulator. Keeping these elements clean and dry insures the proper operation of the device and reduces the risk of user contact with contaminated fluids.

Patented XL Gauge

The XL Gauge is uniquely designed to be exceptionally tolerant of flooding. It is the only gauge available that sheds fluids automatically. In the event that overflow protection fails, the user can rely on the contaminants being evacuated effectively from the device.

Antimicrobial Knob Cover

Our optional silver-impregnated elasticized control knob cover is proven to provide a 105 reduction in bacteria in 24 hours. (MRSA test report available upon request.)