The MicroLux™ DLX Camera System is the smallest, lightest headlight-mounted video camera available for surgeons of all disciplines. It allows everyone to see precisely what you see, with a clear, crisp image. The MicroLux DLX eliminates the visual interference inherent in overhead cameras. Its unobstructed, shadow-free view of the surgical field allows your team to anticipate needs and improve procedural efficiency. And the MicroLux DLX is ideal for patient education videos, technique instruction, case records, and broadcasting.

Luxtec Surgical Loupes: Simplified Customization

Luxtec Surgical loupes make fitting easy and simplify the customization procedure to a minor movement of the loupe body. Time-consuming PD measurements and multiple fittings for prescription are not necessary. The loupes can be used with your prescription glasses and can be adjusted to your PD the first time. In addition, if you need more than one set of loupes, you need only buy the detachable loupes, not another set of prescription glasses and frames. And the loupes can be easily flipped out of your line of sight for those that times that you might have to use your glasses, as for reading or viewing X-rays or fluoroscopy during a procedure.

A Cable for Every Procedure!

Luxtec offers a vast selection of fiber optic cables for use in many surgical applications – from open procedures to minimally-invasive surgeries. Luxtec fiber optic cables are manufactured in compliance with FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices. They are available in a number of lengths and with a wide variety of lightsource and instrument end fitting.

Luxtec is the world’s largest supplier of surgical illumination systems with over 50,000 surgeons using our products. As one of the very few fiber optic cable manufacturers, Luxtec provides unsurpassed proprietary cabling and end fittings for most of the world’s light sources and lighted instruments.

Since 1984, Luxtec is the name to trust to provide quality surgical illumination products and quality service.