Barre-Instruments For Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy is the gold standard treatment for localized prostate cancer. This operation remains one of the most difficult in the field of Urology. Aesculap Inc. has addressed this issue by developing the “Barre Instruments” for Open Radical Prostatectomy. These specialized instruments aid in the most difficult parts of the procedure and considerable improve the surgical technique.
Micro Instruments for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

Aesculap, Inc. offers a range of microsurgical instruments commonly used in cardiac and vascular surgery. Included in our offering are a select range of vascular clips, scissors, forceps, and needle holders that are produced using the latest technology to provide outstanding functionality. The diamond dust (DIADUST) coating or tungsten carbide (DUROGRIP) technology that is used for our forceps and needle holders not only provide a safe grip on tissue and suture material but also ensures high wear resistance in the instrument jaw.
NOIR Supreme Cut Scissors

The Aesculap NOIR Supreme Cut Scissors allows you to experience a new dimension in precise cutting and dissecting performance. The special qualities of the NOIR dissecting scissors allow dissection that is finer than ever before. The Microtome cutting edge technology permits extremely fine dissection with minimal use of force.The combination of the renowned Aesculap tungsten carbide technology along with the Aesculap NOIR coating results in extremely high surface hardness and therefore provides high-wear resistance in daily hospital use. The combined Aesculap technologies offer precision performance every time you use NOIR Supreme Cut scissors.

There are significant advantages to using bipolar electrosurgery. With BipoJet, the bipolar dissecting scissors for open surgery, from Aesculap Inc, you get even more. BipoJet saves operating time with convenient cutting and coagulation in one step. The advanced technology of the scissors enhances patient safety while the enhanced ergonomics guarantee surgeon satisfaction. The self-sharpening blade reduces repair and replacement cost that proves cost-effective for customers. BipoJet offer the precision and technology of two instruments, the convenience of one.